Monday, 12 August 2019

My Tukutuku Patterns-by:Ana

                                 My Tukutuku Patterns

Last Tuesday Room six started on our Tukutuku Patterns. First Mrs Agnew gave us some white cardboard with strips like fingers printed on it. We had to cut along the black lines to the top.
After that we had to weave in and out, over and under with a black or a red strip of paper.
After each colour we had to glue the ends down so they didn't move.Then we gave it a little bit of a hair cut from the salon.
I loved making this and Maori people make these for in their meeting houses which are called wharenui.


  1. Hello Ana,
    I really like your tukutuku pattern it looks amazing.
    I learnt how to make a tukutuku pattern.
    To improve you could add numbers for your steps.
    Have you ever done a tukutuku pattern before?
    Mā te wā

  2. Kia Ora Ana, it's me Mary from Room 8, your tukutuku patterns looks incredible. The patterns are amazing. Did you enjoy making this? Keep up the fantastic work Ana!!