Monday, 9 December 2019

My Collaborative Animal creature:BY Ana


We had fun making our Collaborative Creatures last week. First we had to divide a page into three equal parts. Then I drew a cat's face in the first third. I folded it down and passed my sheet to Sione, who drew a fox's body. Then Estherose drew a mermaid's tail and gave the picture back to me. I called it Cat-ox-aid.      

My postcard to Santa:By:Ana Merry Christmas HoHoHo

Monday, 18 November 2019

Manaikalani Film Festival 2019 By: Ana

Last Wednesday St.Patrick's school went to the Manaikalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park. 

First we had to line up under the canopy in our houses, we had to buddy up with the older kids and my partner was Asinate in Room 7.

I was so excited to go by bus because I love bumpy rides. It's my second time going to the Manaikalani Film Festival. When we got there I saw 3 different schools but one of them was a college. The 3 schools names were Panmure Bridge, Tamaki College and Point England. When we got into the movie house I was so excited to see all kinds of movies to watch.  My favorite movie was the Tamaki College one about their trip to Goat Island where they were swimming with the fish. Now I'm looking forward for next movies.  


Monday, 11 November 2019

Is seeing believing- by Ana

Bird of the year

Today Mrs Collins told us that the Hoiho had just won the bird of the year award.

Hoiho Birds are the largest penguins in New Zealand.

Hoihos only live in New Zealand and there are not many of them. They are endangered.

Hoiho likes to eat fish like squid.